ETRA and ASTM Drive for Recycled Rubber Standards

One of the biggest barriers to the development of the tyre recycling sector is the lack of a single, globally recognised standard specification for recycled rubber materials. Consumers of materials are faced with a plethora of different specifications from every producer. Producers are working towards their own best available output.

The result is that large consumers of rubber materials are faced with specification and quality challenges. That is one issue that is holding back the development of high value rubber recycling.

Now, the European Tyre Recycling Association (ETRA) and the ASTM International have come together in order to help establish globally recognised ASTM standards for recycled tyre materials, from crumbs and powders through to recovered Carbon Black (rCB).

This development will be one of the subjects of presentation at the ETRA annual conference in Brussels on the 16th – 18th March 2016.

The ASTM has set dates for a range of meetings to discuss the various standards being considered. These meetings are free to attend and open to all.

The series of ASTM meetings starts on the 7th – 9thth December in Tampa, Florida with D11 and D24 committee meetings on Rubber and Carbon Black. These will be followed by a range of meetings as shown below.

December 2015
Committee D04 on Road Paving and Materials (8-10 December)
Committee D11 on Rubber (7-9 December)
Committee D24 on Carbon Black (7-9 December)

June 2016 – Vienna, Austria
Committee D24 on Carbon Black (13-14 June)

June 2016 – Chicago, Illinois, USA
Committee D04 on Road Paving and Materials (28-30 June)
Committee D11 on Rubber (27-29 June)

Membership of ASTM costs just $75 and allows all members to have input into the establishment of new and modified standards where they have an interest. For even the smallest producer of end of life tyre materials, the membership of the ASTM allows them to have a voice in the specification decision, a voice equal to that of the largest player in the industry.

For more details of ASTM membership, contact ASTM Staff Manager This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. (tel +1.610.832.9804).

ETRA is the body that represents tyre recyclers in Europe, and it has a membership that is steadily growing around the world as more investors and specialists understand that the route to true recycling lies through higher value materials and higher quality output.

ETRA membership gives those with a long term interest in the future of tyre recycling access to expert guidance, research and marketing opportunities, not to mention a dedicated networking opportunity through ETRA seminars and ts annual conference. To join ETRA visit the “Join ETRA” link above.

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