The GRASS yarn Forum in Madrid

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We are pleased to announce our participation to The Grass Yarn and Tufters Forum in Madrid from 28th February to 2nd March 2023.

Ettore Musacchi from ETRA will explain why is important to support the use recycled rubber infill material. The benefit are not only for the environment, but also for the sport, for social relations, and to grow a really green economy.

The presentation would try to clarify what is behind the decision adopted by the Commission and the impacts on the industry, the sport facilities, the environment.

Infill materials represent the biggest end market for recycled tyre materials (RTMs). It allows a sustainable management of post consumer tyres which in Europe are 4.2 mil Tons every year. Said in other words each European Citizen produce every year about 8 kg of tyres. RTMs cannot be used back into new tyre production. This routes is being developed. It will require many years and in any case it cannot absorb all these quantities. On the other hand recycled rubber granulates are an excellent infill material which contributed to the success of artificial turf.

This issue started in 2019. As it is not yet ended a possible solution would be still possible. However difficult, some further efforts should be done.

The Grass Yarn and Tufters Forum brings together companies from throughout the artificial grass global supply chain and organisations that determine and measure the end-user requirements. 

Hosted at the Meli√° Madrid Princesa hotel on 28 February - 2 March 2023, the event provides a forum to discuss industry news, review technical developments and gain an understanding of the opportunities and challenges facing their businesses. 

See you in Madrid. Keep following.

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