The use recycled steel fibres and rubber in concrete

GREEN DEALLES is a project born by the cooperation between Politecnico of Turin and ETRA, who is also the coordinator. It started on 17th January and it is focused on the developing, testing and tailoring the use of recycled steel fibres and other Recycled Tyre Materials (RTMs) in concrete applications.

The steel fibres will be selected in appropriate length and morphology, in order to substitute both fibres and rebar used to reinforce concrete. The rubber can be provided in particles of different size, similar to the fine and coarse stone aggregate of normal strength concrete.

RTMs will allow to produce a new type of concrete. In other words, the composition of a new cement-based mixture will be introduced with the aim of casting a new predalle which have been called the “GreenDealles”, which will produced by a important building construction company, member of ETRA.

The tailoring procedure will be implemented in the precast plant following the requirements of the European code buildings (such as Eurocode 2).

Politecnico di Torino will test samples made with the new concrete, and compare the performance with those of normal strength concrete. The new concrete will satisfy non only the mechanical performances of the normal strength concrete currently used, but also the Green Public Procurement (GPP).

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