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Recycled Tyre Materials back into new tyres

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On 23rd November, in Ladoux (FR) by RDI Michelin Campus was held the first workshop of the BlackCycle European Project.

The workshop was the opportunity to get information about H2020 R&D collaborative projects involved in development of the circular economy in Europe, and Exchange with the stakeholders interested and involved in the creation of this value chain. Over 50 persons attended and took part to the dynamic program.

The Workshop was also an opportunity of networking among various EU funded projects. One of these projects, LIFE InReGEO LIFE19 ENV/IT/000313, is focused on the recycling of large OTR tyres to produce devulcanised rubber powder to be used back into the production of new tyres. Rubber Jet Valley is the leader and ETRA is one of the partners. More info on https://lifeinregeo.eu/ and the next ETRA Conference, Brussels 23-25 March 2022: https://www.etra-eu.org/events/item/108-27th-etra-conference-on-tyre-recycling-conference

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