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ETRA Position on Public Consultation on SEAC Draft Opinion

ETRA Position on Public Consultation on SEAC Draft Opinion Image 1

On June 3rd the Risk Assessment Committee (RAC) of ECHA held a meeting to finalise and approve their Opinion on an Annex XV dossier proposing restrictions on intentionally added microplastics. Concerning infill materials for artificial turf, they adopted the option to ban placing the material on the market after a transitional period of six years.

On July 1st ECHA opened a Consultation on the Socio-economic Analysis Committee (SEAC) Opinion. The participation Deadline was 1st September.

ETRA analised in depth the SEAC Opinion and the other documents of the Dossier on the restriction on the use of polymerc infill materials for artificial turfs.

ETRA believes that on the basis of what was explained in the Dossier, the adoption of RO2 would not reduce the release of microplastics into the environment and would not be cost effective, but it would generate major environmental and economic problems in the Tyre Recycling value chain, in the Turf industry and Sport organisations.

ETRA thinks that RO4 options as described offer a more realistic approach and for our knowledge is more compatible with the organisations involved.

ETRA submitted a detailed report that shows that there are quite a number of benefits from a responsible use of recycled SBR infill material, that may be achieved by adoption of effective Risk Management Measures. A Copy of the ETRA report may be downloaded here below.

This issue will keep us occupied for at least 2 years during which we will do everything possible to avoid the ban. We will keep you updated through the website, mailings and our linkedin profile.

Stay tuned!


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