FEHRL Project Conference

The Final Conference of the Ragtime Project was held at Fehrl’s Brussels Office on 27 June 2019.RAGTIME is an efficient asset management process necessary to ensure cost-effectiveness in planning, delivery, operation and maintenance of large infrastructures or infrastructure networks.

Infrastructure asset management generally focuses on the later stages of a facility’s life cycle, specifically maintenance, rehabilitation and replacement. However, a process of efficient asset management must define methods and tools for tracking and managing the various steps of the maintenance activity, in order to determine the life cycle and replacement costs of the assets. Further, ii is designed to provide assistance in determining potential funding strategieswhile optimizing capital investments for the operation and maintenance, and to provide assistance with the replacement of assets.The purpose of the project is to establish a common framework for governance, management and finance of transport infrastructure projects in order to ensure the best possible return from limited investment funds in transport infrastructures

The main objective of RAGTIME is to develop, demonstrate and validate an innovative management approach and to lay out an entire system including the planning of a software platform based on standard multiscale data models, capable of facilitating a holistic management throughout the entire lifecycle of the infrastructure. It will provide an integrated view for a risk based approach, implementing risk based models, resilient concepts and mitigation actions, with specific reference to climate change related threats perspective, and monitored with smart systems, in order to optimize ROI, management, guarantee LOS and improve resilience through maintaining the service.

The conference offered an opportunity to renew our contacts with other bodies involved in road infrastructure and to initiate and stimulate the discussion about the use of RTMs.

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