GreenWeek 2019

GreenWeek 2019 Image 1

The Annual EU Green-week event was held in Brussels from 13 to 17 May 2019.Organised by the Commission, it attracts hundreds of participants from all over Europe. ETRA took part in the discussions with other organisations on key topics related to the environment and that are of considerable interest to the future of SMEs.

ETRA met with some of the orgnisations with whom we cooperate. A well set up exhibition area offered the possiblity to know about many EU funded projects focused on Environment, Newtechnologies, Circular Economy and to meet the project leaders who are interested to RTMs and open to future cooperations.

More info.Environmental laws have a huge impact on our lives. They improve water and air quality, they protect nature, and they encourage recycling and waste management. But to really make an appreciable difference, these EU laws must be implemented in full.

EU citizens consider environmental protection to be of crucial importance. The European Union has some of the most ambitious environmental protection rules and policies in the world. However, their proper implementation remains a major cause of concern to society.

In April 2019, the European Commission published a set of reports on the state of implementation of environmental laws in Europe: the Environmental Implementation Review.

The purpose of the Environmental Implementation Review is to provide an informative picture of where each Member State stands, identifying their shortcomings in implementing EU environmental legislation, as well as to recommend remedial priority actions and to provide support to those Member States lagging behind in terms of implementation, in particular through the peer-to-peer tool for technical assistance.

The EIR is designed as an ongoing process of analysis, dialogue and collaboration to improve the implementation of existing EU environmental policy and legislation in all Member States, punctuated every two years with release of country reports and with structured dialogues with the Member States.

The country reports provide added value for citizens and civil society organisations in the respective countries: they provide a comprehensive overview of the situation in each country, allow to compare their performance, to identify common challenges and also to share best practices.The EIR is a fair source of information that enables citizens to push for better implementation of environmental legislation.

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