Anagennisis Seminar Athens 30th Nov 2015

The Technical Chamber of Greece, on November 30th 2015, was the scene of the Innovative Reuse of all Tyre Components in Concrete Industrial Seminar. The seminar was organised by the partners of the Anagennisis Project, which is funded by the EU Commission. It was the occasion to present updates of the research results, as well as to illustrate the activities that are still in progress. Thirty-eight partners participated in the event with presentations of their results, updates and discussions about the next steps.

ETRA, one of the partners of the project, is leading the dissemination activities. The dissemination component is designed to spread awareness of the potentials for use in the concrete and building sectors, and to create new options and opportunities for the tyre recycling industries.

The use of recycled tyre materials contributes to higher performance in many concrete applications, increasing, their sustainability. The concrete and building sectors are among the largest, world-wide, and despite the decrease in volume during the past several years owing to the economic crisis, still represents a potentially huge market for recycled tyre materials. The materials, particularly the steels, are now accepted as key element for innovative applications in traditional concrete products.

Athens, hence was an appropriate place to launch this message. Indeed the city seems quite dynamic and strongly motivated to look ahead to find its way to recovery.

Additional activities enhanced the programme: People had the opportunity to visit the Acropolis, comparing historical building techniques with the today's progresses and innovations.

The next event will be the concrete industrial seminar at the 23rd ETRA conference, 16 – 18 March 2016 at the NH Grand Sablon Hotel in Brussels.




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