Flex and the City - Venice

Rubberised Asphalt and Recycled Tyre Applications for Roads and Urban Furniture

VENICE 22 October 2015

International Seminar for a Safer and more Sustainable City Life


Venue : Confindustria - Sala Oro, c/o Parco Scientifico Tecnologico VEGA, Via delle Industrie 19, Marghera, Venezia

The 2015 edition of the flex & the city seminar on Rubberised Asphalt and Recycled Tyre Products and Applications for Roads and Urban Furniture was held in Venice on Thursday 22 October 2015.

The event held was held at VEGA Park, the scientific and technological park of Venice. The programme was organised by ETRA, the European Tyre Recycling Association, in co-operation with ANTEL the National Association of Local Authority Technicians), and ARGO (the Italian Recyclers Association).

The seminar was attended by approximately one-hundred participants from within and outside of Italy, primarily from public or private organisations concerned with the road and infrastructure sector. The delegates were very interested in learning about the characteristics and performance of these materials and the potentials for using recycled rubber materials in various fields of application.

While many of the speakers were from Italy, others spoke about their experiences in other EU Member States including Belgium, Spain and the UK. Each speaker described in detail some of the most significant experiences and works on which they had worked around Europe. It is important to underline that some very promising experiences have been undertaken in Italy and that many Public Authority technicians are quite open to introduce these innovative materials and applications in their projects.

Many questions were raised. A long and lively debate took place among speakers and delegates at the end of the seminar. The overall seminar was greatly appreciated and it seems that it will lead to a number of follow-up projects and activities. Among the topics discussed, the use of rubberised asphalt appears to have good potential, and a few prior doubts were resolved and overcome. ETRA will continue to organise similar events in future and support these uses.


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