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Research and development workshop


The focus of the meeting was to present and explain the main funding opportunities that the Commission has established for SMEs. Elena Angiolini and Sarah Van Haelst of Impulse Brussels  illustrated each of the options in detail. They described the technical aspects of the calls and how to prepare a proposal within the parameters of each.

The European Commission has become increasingly concerned about Innovation and the sustainable use of Raw Materials. On the other hand tyre recycling is a young and dynamic sector. Recycled Tyre Materials (RTM) are already used in a wide array of materials, products and applications in variety of sectors, including the production of new tyres, which has motivated tyre recyclers to research and develop innovative new options. RTMs are widely used in sports infrastructure, roads and transport infrastructure, civil engineering and construction, as well as consumer and industrial products, etc..

During the meeting several project ideas were discussed and could become the abstracts for new proposals for the next calls. Data and statistics of previous calls were also compared and analysed.

ETRA has a wide database of R&D projects, a real intangible asset, that represents an incredible opportunity to identity the most promising projects with which ETRA and its members would like to initiate a discussion and to identify possible ways of funding and continuation.

The R&D workshop explored potentials for exploiting the results of these projects, the knowledge derived, which tools can be used (IPR, JV, start up, etc.) in partnership and, which supports could be available from the EU, etc. The discussion will be re-opened for further input in the early autumn of 2017.

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