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Why the ETRA Partner Registry

During the past 25 years, ETRA has focused on the expansion and professionalisation of all aspects of the tyre recycling industry.

Each year, ETRA, its Board and Members discuss ways to expand the sector by creating cooperation links with potential industries partners who could benefit from access to recycled tyre materials (RTMs). The industries are contacted to identify specific materials and products that could utilise RTMs in substitution of virgin alternatives.

Proposals are evaluated to verify performance requirements, etc., after which prototypes are built and tested to provide examples for evaluation and review for potential commercial production. The review often serves as a first step in preparing a funded project that can help to pave the way to the marketplace.

ETRA receives many requests each year for assistance in finding viable com-mercial partners from various industries who understand the tyre recycling sector. In 2017 the ETRA Board agreed to initiate a Partner Registry to facilitate the process.

What it is

The Registry is organised and actively managed by ETRA in order to collect information and to facilitate the creation of partnerships for new commercial ventures or for funded projects designed to explore pre-market issues.

The Registry is designed to stimulate co-operation between and among companies to expand their business and exploit the results of their projects.

Part one –Project development, will be initiated first. It will focus on helping members to meet, network and cooperate with potential partners and/or EU organisations for new funded projects.

Part two – Exploitation, will follow. It will focus on helping members to exploit their projects using EU tools and services, and to meet and cooperate with potential partners to build and expand their businesses.

A portal initiated on the ETRA web-site will provide access to the information and documents necessary to begin the process.

How it works

Potential Partners will complete a profile to provide data about the company or body, in as much detail as possible, for one or both parts of the Registry: New funded projects and co-operation activities, describing the elements that they are offering and the elements they seek.

The data provided will beheld confidential. The data will be reviewed and managed by ETRA in order to respond to potential partner requests.

When a request cannot be met on the first demand, additional information will be sought. In case a match is not possible or the request is more complex, a proposal about how to work with ETRA towards an effective solution will be prepared and submitted.

Who may take part

The Registry may be used by a Company, an Association, a Research Body, etc. that completes a "Partner Registry Data Sheet" and a detailed proposal.

The Seven Steps

The seven basic steps take approximately six months to complete as follows:

  1. Submission of the Registry Data Form
  2. ETRA Review : ETRA will review all submissions by sector and interest to identify areas where additional information is required from a respon-dent. Upon receipt of the new information ETRA will do a preliminary sort of potential partners by sector and interest.
  3. Acceptance / rejection by either party.
  4. The Agreement : An Agreements is designed on a partner to partner basis to ensure the inclusion of specific points.
  5. Exchange of Information : Once potential partners are identified, profiles will be exchanged.
  6. Interview Exchange : Each candidate will prepare a brief list of questions to submit to potential partners in an interview format.
  7. The Work Programme: The work Programme will be prepared by the partners and ETRA.


People who apply the Partner Registry accept the following rules:

  1. Each applicant authorises ETRA to use the data and information provided for the purpose of the request submitted.
  2. The information provided in the form will be held Confidential. It will be used only by ETRA to attain the objectives of the Partner Registry.
  3. ETRA will use only the information necessary to perform the activity(ies) requested by the applicant.
  4. In any situation in which the disclosure of confidential information or other unprotected original information is required, or necessary to fulfill the request, the applicant will be informed in advance and will be required to seek external protection. Neither ETRA nor its representatives will disclose unauthorised information.
  5. Applicant names will remain confidential until an agreement is signed.
  6. Within one month from submission ETRA will review the applicant’s request and will confirm if the data sheet will be accepted and enter the registry.
  7. Within six months from acceptance, ETRA will provide the applicant with a proposal in response to his/her request. If the proposal is not accepted, the proposal will be null and void.
  8. The applicant will cooperate with ETRA to achieve success by providing the necessary details and clarifications and participating in meetings, workshops, matchmaking, etc.
  9. ETRA will organise and may participate in meetings with potential partners and will expect to be updated by the applicant about any future developments that result.
  10. Information and or data provided by ETRA for use in the activity will remain the sole property of ETRA until the positive conclusion of the activity and cannot be used by the applicant.

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